What’s a Crown?

Crowns are personalized customized wigs. Unlike “wigs” they are not out of the box and ready to be placed on your head like a hat. They are made with Love to fit your Personality and Lifestyle! Crowns have the power to bring out your inner Goddess, the best version of you. Every woman is a Queen, and every Queen deserves a Crown!


What is the process?                                                                                    

We recommend you schedule a consultation with our Stylist. A consultation is a one on one session with our hair expert who has a wide knowledge on Crowns, lifestyle, and hair loss. To get an idea of what the best overall Crown would be for you we recommended you meet with our hair expert. They will talk with you one on one to figure out which Crown is best for you and your lifestyle. During your session you will have the opportunity to try on Crowns to see which cap type, cap size, hairstyle, hair density, and hair color is best for you. If you are not able to come into our Showroom located in Zürich, Switzerland for a consultation then we suggest you send us a email at info@trinitybelle.com with a picture and detailed message of the hair style, cap type, cap size, hair density, and hair color you would like. If you like our selected styles displayed on our website you can place your order on our site.


Home Visits 

We also offer home and hospital visits please contact us before booking youre consultation for traveling fees.


Can i wash my Crown / straighten it / apply heat / Swim in my Crown?

Yes of course! All our Crowns are handmade with the rawest Indian virgin hair which allows you to treat the Crown exactly like your real hair.


New Crown Designs

We create new Crown Designs every month, if you want to know more about a specific crown being posted we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to get the our insider access on the latest crown creations.


What is an Elastic band Crown?

The elastic band method option is a secure and glue less method to wear your Crown. This method is great to protect your natural Hair and its not damaging, it's made with comb or clips to secure the back.


What is a custom Hair line?

A custom Hairline means that your Crown will come with a customized hair line & baby hairs, which will make it look realistic just like your own hair.


How do i choose my lace Color?

We create our Crowns in 3 different shades of lace, to offer our clients variety. We make Crowns for all woman and all skin tones. Most of our Crowns are made in transparent lace because any skin tone can use this shade.


Can I sew my Crown on to my braids? Can I glue it on? Can I wear it glue less?

Yes, you can use tape, lace glue, sew your Crown on or simply just wear it glue less with our elastic band method.


What different types of caps do Crowns come in?                                           

  • Full Lace Crown: 100% Hand-tied. 100% hand-tied caps allow each hair to move freely for the most natural look. Other designs referred to as ‘hand-tied’ feature a combination of hand-tied and machine-attached hair. This means that some areas (generally the part or crown) are hand-tied, but the rest is machine-attached. If you want the entire cap to be hand-tied, make sure to look for 100% hand tied!
  • Monofilament Crown: Monofilament caps offer a very natural look with parting versatility. The mesh material gives the illusion of hair growth from the scalp and allows for individual, hand-tied hair. As a result, hair can be parted and combed in different directions. Monofilament Crowns can be monofilament at the part, crown or entire top of Crowns. Double monofilament wigs also happen to be a good option for sensitive scalps as the cap is soft. Of the monofilament caps, the 100% hand tied cap is generally the most comfortable.
  •  Custom Crown: Custom Crowns are the most common and affordable design. Wefts of hair are sewn onto the cap, which has a closed lace frontal, lace closure or a 360 lace Piece at the crown. The hair is cut and styled into the style of your choice. Advantages of this method is that it's very full.


What cap sizes are available?

Small, Medium, Large                                                                                               

How do I know what cap size is right for me?                                    

Measure your head using a flexible measuring tape. Flatten your hair back to get an accurate measurement.



What is Crown density?

Density is another way of saying thickness. The average Crown density is 150%. We can create Crowns with lower or higher than the average density.


What is considered a custom order?

 Custom orders are need if you want the following factors:

  • If you want a Crown with more or less than 150 density (average density).
  • If you want a specific color (highlights/lowlights)
  • If you want more than 24 inches of hair on your Crown
  • If you want a specific hair texture


Virgin Hair

A Virgin hair Crown will provide you with the most natural look. It can be cut, styled, processed or colored to suit your desired need. They have to be shampooed, dried, styled and conditioned, just like your natural hair.


How long can I expect my Crown to last?

Your Crown can be expected to last up to a year and more, depending on use and care provided.


 How can I extend the life of my Crown?

Proper maintenance will help extend the longevity of your Crown. Sleeping with it on and/or excessive wear may decrease its lifespan.


Can the hair be colored?

Virgin hair Crowns can be dyed. However, we recommend that you consider going to a professional colorist that specializes with wigs. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure to strand test the hair first and follow manufacturer instructions before completely applying any chemicals to the hair.


 How long does it take for Crowns to be completed?

The average window is 1-2 weeks. The time frame can vary based on complexity of style and availability of the hair. For custom Crowns it takes 2-3 months to be completed.


Should i have more then one Crown?

Yes! Crowns can last longer if not worn daily. You can be washing and air-drying one while wearing the other. Have a little fun with a whole host of different styles and colors. You can keep one styled straight and the other curly.


What is the best way to store a Crown?

A wig stand or mannequin is ideal. It will help keep the hair from becoming tangled and will help to maintain shape.


What should I do with my hair underneath my Crown?

If you have long natural hair we suggest you braid your hair or do flat twist. Next Place a wig cap over your braids or twist. If all of your hairs do not fit in the wig cap then try to tuck as much hair underneath the cap as you can by swirling your hair around your hair then placing the cap over it.


What is the best cap when dealing with hair loss?  

For those with moderate to severe hair loss, a monofilament or 100% hand-tied caps are ideal, especially for those experiencing scalp sensitivity. They are extremely light-weight, more comfortable and softer to the touch than regular traditional or cap less wigs. These caps giving the effect that your Crown is growing from your scalp!


If I have a medical condition, will my health insurance pay for my Crown?

We do not take health insurance however, we can create an invoice for you to present to your health provider for reimbursement.


Can I walk-in to try a Trinity Belle Crown?

Unfortunately, not, but Trinity Belle offers a Showroom where all available Crowns are displayed, you can book your appointment online. In case you are further away you can call us and we can have a phone consultation with you.