Hair Donation

Trinity Belle aims to support a specific group of females, who lack the funds to purchase a Crown, we inspire to help them in their external appearance and allow them to feel like themselves again. Trinity Belle arranges for Crowns to be made from the hair donations we receive, so that this group is given the opportunity to wear a Crown, free of charge. Hair donations can be made starting at 30 centimeters – 12 inches, but the longer the better! This Hair will strictly be used to create Crowns for women who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer, without them incurring any costs at all. Make someone happy with your hair! All donations that cannot be used for the creation of Crowns of the quality that we want to guarantee will be used for other projects to help people with hair problems and hair diseases. If you want to donate your hair, please follow the steps below:


  • All-natural colors are welcome, we can also use dyed hair!
  • The minimum length is 30 centimeters - 12 inches
  • Send the dry, clean and bundled or braided hair tail in a strong
  • envelope to the following address:


TrinityBelle Foundation
Pflugstrasse 1
8006 Zürich


If you include a note with your name and e-mail address, you will receive confirmation of receipt and a thank-you slip in the form of an e-mail.